Nailing the game

How Rize Ads Transformed in 2024: $34M Spent and Conversions Skyrocketing

We're growing like crazy. It's almost a year since we started sharing news about our ad spend, so it's time to show how we've grown from 2023 to 2024.

How it all started: we implemented several tools

Since summer 2023, we've been actively introducing new services, changing, and expanding the capabilities for affiliates. There have been many changes.

Contract work

To simplify signing and onboarding, we launched contract work. Just three steps: affiliates email us, we chat about their goals, and if it’s a match, we sign a contract. Affiliates get platform access with all the tools and reports they need. We handle the heavy lifting, so they can focus on grabbing the best offers and making money without the hassle.

We've described the process in detail here.

Dedicated ad budget

Affiliates don't need to spend their own money on campaigns, and we get it. We provide the funds, so they can focus on their goals without financial stress. This allows them more time to optimize their best ads for bigger earnings down the road.

You can read more about the dedicated budget here.

Advanced advertising budget management

Right next to the dedicated budget, we introduced a system for managing expenses with virtual banking cards. Affiliates can set up cards for each ad network to avoid overspending. We also added detailed real-time reports, so affiliates can quickly see what’s working and adjust strategies. No more paperwork or receipts.

More info here.

The updates paid off — our metrics soared

And they soared significantly. See for yourself:

In 2024, affiliates spent over $34M, which is 30% more than what was spent in 2023.*

Conversions also increased. In 2024, affiliates achieved 600k conversions, an 85% increase compared to last year.

The average EPC was $8.75, with a CR of 4.95%. The CPA grew to $56.5.

We love this dynamic, but it's also a new challenge — to grow these numbers even further. We're ready for it, already preparing new features, and looking forward to sharing more results. Stay tuned for more.

*Statistics for the period January-May, comparing 2023 and 2024.