Nailing the game

Marketing Budget Management is Here to Simplify Your Affiliate Routine

The time has arrived for yet another chapter to unfold: marketing budget management.

Not long ago, we introduced a new feature called Rize Ads dedicated ad budget, a game-changer for affiliates seeking to advertise without using their own funds. This feature allows them to launch ad campaigns quickly, scale up results, and focus on achieving their goals faster. Already, it's proven helpful for many affiliates, allowing them to prioritize strategy over financial worries, resulting in faster results. 

It's one of the key advantages of our platform, as we're always striving to simplify things for publishers, especially in budget management. And now, the time has arrived for yet another chapter to unfold: marketing budget management.

How does it work?

Our advertising budget management system is all about simplicity and getting the job done. Here's the lowdown:

  • Affiliates get their own advertising budget, so they don't have to dip into their own pockets.
  • To keep ads running smoothly and prevent any funny business, affiliates can set up payment cards for each advertising network. They can even set spending limits on these cards to stick to the budget. And if things get hairy, they can hit pause or disable the cards altogether.
  • Contractors have access to detailed spending insights across networks and affiliate programs. This allows them to quickly see where the bulk of the budget is going and find ways to optimize it. Plus, everything updates automatically in real-time, so publishers can focus on strategy instead of getting bogged down in paperwork.

How will it shake things up in the affiliate world?

With our advertising budget management in core, every affiliate gets their own ad budget, along with payment cards for ad expenses and a budget control system. We handle all the techy stuff on our platform, automating everything for convenience, so there's no need for manual work. This lets affiliates focus on making decisions. Simply put, affiliates can do more with less. They can stay in the driver's seat, making changes quickly instead of waiting until most of the budget is spent on ads that just aren't cutting it.

Advertising budget management is another leap forward in making affiliate work simpler and more exciting. We see the potential of this industry and how quickly results can come. But we also understand the challenges of keeping the momentum going and scaling things up. That's why we're creating a one-stop network to make things easier, cut down on effort and costs, and maybe even make more money. And, most importantly, we're not just aiming to keep things the same but to make them pop.

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