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Amazon Prime Day 2024: Insider Tips for Epic Affiliate Sales

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When was the last time you shopped on Amazon? We just did, actually. Often, we’re just browsing, adding stuff to our wish lists, and waiting for a good deal to pop up. Amazon Prime Day is the big one for us—probably even more exciting than Black Friday.

Prime Day is like a two-day shopping frenzy, especially if you have Amazon Prime. Sellers and Amazon offer exclusive discounts that you only get during these days. For 2024, the exact date hasn’t been announced yet, but Amazon hinted it’s coming back in July. So, it might be around July 9-10 or sometime in mid-July.

We’re not just excited as buyers, but also as affiliates. We know how crazy people get about shopping during these two days, so we prep for months to make the most of it. We’ve got some insider tips and tricks to help you score big without wasting too much time.

Why's Amazon Prime Day such a goldmine for affiliates?

With millions hunting for deals during this two-day event, you’ve got a golden chance to seriously boost your affiliate income. Here’s why:

Traffic surge

Amazon Prime Day draws a huge crowd of deal-hungry shoppers, making it a perfect opportunity for affiliate marketers.

Better conversion rates

Shoppers on Prime Day are ready to buy, so they’re more likely to be swayed by compelling content with great offers.

Higher commission Potential

Amazon often sweetens the deal for affiliates with higher commission rates on certain product categories during Prime Day.

What's in store for Prime Day deals this year?

Prime Day 2024 is going to have some of the best deals around. We've looked at past Prime Day sales to set our categories, so you can expect these to be spot on for 2024's event.

  • Video Games. Expect plenty of deals on popular titles for Nintendo Switch, PS5, and Xbox Series X. Plus, the Steam Summer Sale will likely be around the same time, making it a great season for PC game discounts too.
  • TVs. Expect to see discounts on TVs of all sizes, from 32" to 85". With Prime’s free two-day shipping, your new TV can arrive just days after the big event.
  • Kitchen Appliances. Mixers, air fryers, microwaves, and more. In past years, Prime Day has had fantastic deals on coffee makers, sometimes with savings in the hundreds.
  • Apple Products. We expect to see AirPods Pro on sale, along with AirPods Max and other Apple headphones. Plus, it’s likely Amazon will discount a few iPad models.
  • Laptops. Expect popular brands like HP, Lenovo, Dell, and MSI to offer discounts on their laptops.
  • PC Accessories. You can snag a new headset or one of the latest PC cases for your desktop setup at a hefty discount. Same goes for Steam Deck accessories like docks, controllers, and chargers.
  • School Supplies. This covers items like clothing, writing utensils, and backpacks—all set to receive discounts during this time.
  • Gaming Consoles. It's prime time to score a PS5, Nintendo Switch, or Xbox console, often lining up with other summer sales from those publishers.

How to amp up affiliate sales on Prime Day

First things first, don't procrastinate. Like we mentioned earlier, we start prepping MONTHS in advance. Solid strategy is key.

Keep an eye on the categories we mentioned earlier—they'll be the hot picks for customers. And don't forget to check out the early Amazon Prime Day deals to discover product recommendations your audience will go crazy for—you can even share these early deals (remember, your audience doesn't have to buy right away).

Here are some top-notch strategies to keep in mind.

Be an early bird 

This could mean crafting blog posts about Prime Day trends, giving sneak peeks at upcoming deals, or sharing savvy tips for saving money during the event. For instance, you could dish out the top 10 things to expect on Prime Day, a rundown of the best early bird deals, or a guide to using coupon codes and stacking savings.

Whip up plenty of Prime Day-specific content ahead of time, then share it when the deals go live. And don’t forget to leverage social media tools like countdown clocks and reminders to keep Amazon Prime Day on your followers’ radar.

Review Prime Day picks 

Highlight in-depth reviews and comparisons of popular products with upcoming Amazon Prime Day discounts. This kind of content is invaluable for shoppers doing their research before making a purchase. For instance, you could compare the latest smartphones, different types of running shoes, or various kitchen appliances.

Drive action with clear CTAs

Make sure to include clear and concise calls-to-action (CTAs) right next to your strategically placed affiliate links. These CTAs should be straightforward and urge users to take the desired action, like visiting Amazon and making a purchase.

For instance, rather than just saying “Click here,” opt for action-packed verbs like “Shop now,” “Get this deal,” or “Add to cart.” And don’t forget to experiment with different CTA phrases through A/B testing to see which one clicks best with your audience.

Highlight membership power

Apart from spotlighting deals, underscore the extra value Prime offers, like free and speedy shipping, exclusive Amazon Prime Day deals, and streaming perks with Prime Video.

As an Amazon Partner Program participant, you can earn commissions throughout the year for Amazon Prime sign-ups—when a user joins Prime through your site. This might sway undecided visitors to think about getting a Prime membership, which could bump up your commission earnings.

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